Other Writing



Don’t Talk To Me About Love (Shortlist Poetry Finalist: April 2017) “I”m An Expert At Confessions

Don’t Talk To Me About Love (Spring 2017) “Feedback of Desire“, “I Sent You A Telepathic Message, Did You Get It?

Upstairs at Duroc (Fall 2015: Issue 16) “Cave Atlas: Field Notes for Finding You

La Vague Journal (Winter 2015: Issue 4) “Treillis de Coeur” 

Everyday Genius (September 2013) “All Lines Point To It

The Nervous Breakdown (January 2013) “Reckoning

Black Warrior Review 39.1 (2012) “Vacation From Mercy” “Regarding The Burial” 

Not Enough Night (Fall 2012) “The Impracticability of Silence” “Are You There Bird?”
“Stubborn Pigeon” “It Is Not Appropriate” “Closing Not Locking” “Miscommunication is Nice”
and “The Indigo Hour”

Esque Magazine, Revolutionesque (Spring 2012) “You Are Here I Am” and “Left-Handed Mirror

Robert Lopez: No News Today: (February 2011) “No News Today: Angela Stubbs

Marco Polo Quarterly|Cargo Collective (Summer 2010) “Various Arrondissements Where I Find You”


Short Fiction

Paper Darts (April 2014) “An Understanding of the Highway

Sleepingfish 12: 10th Anniversary Issue (July 2013) “The Boulevard Has No Saint

Bombay Gin 39.1 (Winter 2013) “Blue Ritual

Puerto del Sol 46.1, (2011), “The Mathematics of Bliss” “Waterlogged” “Obscure Images of Your Muse” “A Beating” “Swimming Toward the Vestibule of Truth

elimae (December 2010) “The Trouble with Trespassing” and “The Space Between Unloud Wishes of Re(a)d Words”



LITVAK: An Anthology of SLS (Summer Literary Seminars) Writings “Tender Asphalt: A Diary of Beginnings”